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By 1580, laws were imposed that banned the use and possession of weapons, even old and rusty swords, to try to restore peace and bring some prosperity to Okinawa. Helped prevent unnecessary loss of life among the people and prevented the onset of civil wars. But this, the peasants of Okinawa left defenseless against the Samurai, who were the only ones who could bear arms.

Despite the empty hand techniques developed on the battlefields to be effective, they were not against mass attacks. In 1609, a Samurai Clan attacked Okinawa and the only "weapons" that the peasants had to defend themselves were their agricultural tools.

The only martial arts of Okinawa Karate and Kobudo were born of this "background".

The Benefits of Practice

Develops strength, improves coordination, enhances the resistance of the body, strengthens the immune system, increases muscle mass, better defining the muscles and flexibility, anti-sagging muscles, sharpens the reflexes, develop discipline and self control.

The Kobudo can be trained by anyone, both sexes, children, adults and especially by practitioners of other martial arts.

The kobudo cultivates a great spiritual and physical vigor and practitioners of other martial arts, helps improve the strength of the blows of hand, help the reflection, concentration and motor coordination.