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Join the Family

As we are dedicated to spreading the values and traditions of the true and original Okinawa Goju-Ryu karate-Do and Uhuchiku kobudo providing a safe and family-oriented Martial Arts experience for students of all ages, WOKKA is fully committed to encourage the affiliation of all associations and single dojos that are searching for technical support.

Together with the spreading of Eiichi Myazato and Shosei Kina, Hanshi´s, knowledge and thoughts, our mission is to foster self-improvement and personal development through focused training. We promote physical fitness and positive social interaction in a courteous and fun friendship atmosphere. Our greatest responsibility is to instil l in our students a sense of discipline, loyalty and a code of ethics to inspire them to lead exemplary lives as leaders in the community.

Students and enthusiasts of Martial Arts have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial art styles. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives, while still others are concerned about safety and self-defence. However, despite the road they might chose, a special concern is given to the way (DO) they follow in their search for the best condition.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, WOKKA offers the possibility of affiliation tailored to fit your association or single dojo developmental needs.

The WOKKA welcomes new members regardless of age, race, sex, religion or martia l arts background. There are certain requirements for membership, the most important being the belief in and desire that the true teachings of traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do and Kobudo, as handed down by its founder Master Chojun Miyagi and consolidated by the late Eiichi Miyazato (in Karate) and by Master Sanda Kanagusuku and consolidated by the late Shinyei Kyan (in Kobudo ) be practiced and passed on to our students in its original form.

Handled in the original form to Master Kiichi Nakamoto, Hanshi, and his overseas representative, Hanshi Jaime Pereira, 9th DAN, (8th Dan Karate by the World Karate Federation WKF) has devoted their live s to the preservation of these true teachings, and it is the responsibility of all WOKKA members to do the same.

It is important to understand that the essence of karate and kobudo lies in kata, which must be practiced correctly and diligently in order to discover the essential principles and hidden meanings of theses arts.

To preserve the high standards that exist within the WOKKA, all prospective new member country representatives must meet with either Master Nakamoto or Master Jaime Pereira in order to apply for membership.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Attending a WOKKA event/place where Nakamoto Hanshi or Jaime Pereira Hanshi are teaching;
  • Traveling to Nakamoto Hanshi dojo, in Okinawa, or to Jaime Pereira dojo, in Lisbon (Portugal);
  • Inviting an authorized WOKKA representative to your country for a Gasshuku;


There are many benefits that you will receive upon becoming a member of the WOKKA.

The following is a list of a few of the important benefits:

Train directly and learn from Grand Master Kiichi Nakamoto, Hanshi, one of the last Chojun Miyagi’s and Shosei Kina´s living direct students:

Being a member of the WOKKA gives you and your students the opportunity to train directly with and learn from Master Kiichi Nakamoto, who isone of the highest authorities on Goju-Ryu and Kobudo in the world today. Studying with Hanshi Nakamoto provides you with a direct link to the teachings of Goju-Ryu founder, Grandmaster Chojun Miyagi.

Being a member of the WOKKA provides you with the opportunity to network with a considerable amount of other Goju-Ryu practitioners around the world, to share training, experience, knowledge and expertise in order to continue to grow and develop your own standards.

Since numerous international, regional, national and local Gasshuku are scheduled in various different countries and locations each year, being a member of the WOKKA gives you the opportunity to travel widely, always arriving at a friendly and helpful environment of a friendly dojo/association.