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Welcome to Our Wokka

If you are looking for traditional martial arts, Based on concepts of respect, loyalty, honor, and fraternity, you came to the right place!

The objectives of Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto and Hanshi Jaime Pereira in teaching karate are to spread the teachings of the late Hanshi Eiichi Miyazato, both in technical and intellectual aspects, not only for the purpose of producing top champions but also and mainly in order to develop and guide the karateka of all ages n their journey through the long and true way (do) of karate and of the preservation of Miyagi Chojun Okinawa Gojuryu.

WOKKA has a solid structure arround the world. Meet now our leaders in each part of the globe. Know now, where we are and where were going. Discover where WOKKA will be present and join us in the next seminars.We are dedicated to spread the values and traditions of the true and original Okinawa Goju-Ryu karate

  • Grand Masters

    • Master Chojan Miyagi
      Chojan Miyagi- Founder of Goju Ryu style
    • Hanshi  Eiichi Miyazato
      Eiichi Miyazato- Personal Student and successor to Chojun Miyagi

    Wokka Founders

    • Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto
      Kiichi Nakamoto- Personal Student of Chojun Miyagi and Eiichi Miyasato
    • Hanshi Jaime Pereira
      Jaime Pereira- Personal Student of Eiichi Miyasato and Kiichi Nakamoto
  • Gallery

  • News

    • February 14 – seminar on India (Coimbatore, Goa and Chennai) August 14-seminar in Okinawa (Naha, Okinawa City) October 14-seminar in India ( Goa,Nagercoil & Coimbatore)
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